Black Hair Talk

How to go natural WITHOUT cutting off all your hair

Returning your hair to its natural texture involves learning new care and styling techniques that you might not be familiar with. Many women do not go natural because they fear losing the length of their hair. The “big chop” or “BC” involves cutting away all hair that has been chemically processed. This is NOT necessary. It is possible to go natural and not cut away most of your hair.

  1. Stop chemically altering your hair!

  2. Trim away ONLY the damaged edges of your hair. Regardless of how you wear your hair damaged ends can split and spread up the shaft of your hair which can cause more breakage. Hair should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. (ALWAYS use hair shears) Or a licensed hair stylist can trim your ends for you.

  3. Trim away a little of the relaxed portions of your hair as new growth comes in. If you are worried about losing length then measure the amount of hair that has grown and cut away this amount or a little less from your relaxed hair.

  4. Use hairstyles that hide the difference in your hair’s texture as you grow it out. Braids, twists and roller sets all can provide an attractive way to style your hair that blend the relaxed hair with the new growth.


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